Services Offered to other institutions / individuals

Survey research services of USRO covers Health, Socioeconomic, Market Research, Behavioural Studies, Population Dynamics and other exploratory studies.

USRO has a ready team of expers for conducting market surveys, study of customer satisfaction and allied services.

Undertaking field studies and smaple survey on any specific topic needed by the clients. The services offered by USRO include:-

Defination of the problem

Specifying the objectives of research and computer (internet) search for relevant literature on siilar studies carried out elsewhee in the country and abroad.

Survey Design

Developing the most appropriate survey design along with estimate of sample size needed for the survey for achieving the specified objectives.

Questionnaire Design

The organization will develop all the necessary tools, and protocols required for the survey, such as , schedules/questionnaires, instruciton for field workers, etc. including translation of questionnaire in local languages and test them in the field before using them in the main survey.

Data Collection

The organization has a panel of well-experienced investigators who will carry out data collection in the field. If required we may also recruit suitable field personnel in accordance with the type and volume of data collection work. In any case all field personnel will be given thorough training - both classroom as well as field practical - in the survey instruments designed for each specific survey topic.

Data Analysis and preparation of technical reports

The Organization has a computer system with modern software including MS Office and a statistical analysis package.

The Organization undertakes data entry with 100% verifcation of the data entered and other editing.

Data analysis will be undertaken with the constant supervision of senior professionals using the most pertinent statistical methods.

Preparation of final tabels and finally reports also will be undertaken by the Organization.

The organization can also prepare materials for presentation fo the results before an audience.

Program Evaluation, Trainings, HIV/AIDS and HR