Data Center Executives


POSITION: Data Centre Executive (District Statistical Data Centre)

LOCATION: Baroda/Narmada, Gujarat

REPORTS TO: Program Manager


Government of Gujarat is collaborating with UNICEF towards strengthening the state statistical system as part of efforts directed towards promoting evidence-based development planning and programming, especially for children and women – the most vulnerable groups of the society. The underlying premise of the collaboration is that needs of children and women can be better addressed  by  improving  the  efficiency  and  effectiveness  of  the  development  administration system by making the system objective in scope and transparent in functioning  both in the broader development context and specific to the development needs of children and women. In this context, statistical data that are credible, relevant, accurate, and timely are essential for policy makers and programme managers to make informed decisions. This collaboration also recognizes that operation of a democratic system of government also depends upon the unhindered flow of statistical data. Within the government, statistical data are like blood in the body and money in the economy. They serve as lens and mirror to development efforts as they impact upon the welfare and well-being of the people.  As a mirror, statistical data reflect the impact of development efforts on the quality of life of the people. As a lens, they reveal how development inputs lead to development outputs and development outcomes.

Foundation for Awareness, Care and Training (FACT) is implementing The Government management system development and reforms project in financial and technical support from UNICEF in the district of Narmada (Rajpipla), Gujarat. FACT is currently seeking to recruit two data centre executives for the project. The position is co-terminous with the project duration which is due to conclude on 31st December 2014 with a possible extension based on performance and project outcomes and impact till June 2017.

Detailed Responsibilities

The Data Centre Executives will be responsible for the management of data and information received from various departments and project locations and for facilitating the compilation, analysis and interpretation of this data from various levels for project monitoring. The Data Centre Executives will be expected to work proactively with the Stockholders/client team.  In addition, s/he will facilitate and support the end line evaluation of the project.


1.    To assist the office members in the district Stockholders/client; mentor and build the capacity of the staff members  in monitoring, evaluation and data collection and maintain high levels of  data quality and consistency.

2.    Implement office related data systems (including MIS systems) and tools for review of project progress, using approved indicators and targets and make recommendations for improvement

3.    Ensure appropriateness, quality and timeliness of data collection and analysis for management and reporting; collaborate closely with the Advisor at the head office for technical guidance and support on project related issues.

4.    Responsible for collecting, reporting and maintaining the quality of performance and outcome data from all concerned departments; timely tracking and collation of progress indicators and outputs of the project

5.    Build capacity within senior management on project related issues; facilitate and advise on the final evaluation survey and identify appropriate technical agencies to conduct these surveys.

6.    Coordinate closely with the Programme Manager to analyze and document project progress and challenges. This will include the analysis of reports including statistical, qualitative and anecdotal evidence; and the documentation of key lessons learnt from the project for dissemination among project staff, partners and key stakeholders at local, state and national levels. 

7.    Ensure compliance with donor reporting requirements and the timely submission of project reports.

8.    Present findings to project management and staff, highlighting and bringing to attention any variance/ deviation in data, and assist in the development of project presentations to partners and donors, as necessary.

9. Document some good practices related to program and scheme in project area to generate knowledge and discourse for policy development.

10. To prepare project report card.

11. To come up with district FACT sheet.




Graduates or above in Management /Statistics /Economics/ Social Sciences/ Social Work/ Rural Development. 

•    Minimum 2 - 5 years of experience of developing and managing development sector project MIS

•    Advanced data management skills, including knowledge of MS Access, PowerPoint, Excel, SPSS or EPI info, covering the development of macros, pivot tables, etc.

•    Experience of designing survey questionnaires, data collection, analysis and presentation


•   Strong written and spoken communication skills in both English and Gujarati

•   Good presentation and documentation skills, using MS Word and PowerPoint

•   Ability to plan and conduct work with minimal supervision

•   Good time management skills and ability to work under deadlines

•   Able to function effectively as part of a diverse, multi-disciplinary, multi-organizational team

•   Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and team orientation.


Application Process:

Please submit an updated CV with a covering note detailing why you think you are suitable for this position (maximum 300 words) at by June 15, 2014. Kindly also mention your current and expected salary.