Objectives of 'FACT'

"Let’s work Together”

“FACT” is a Vadodara (Gujarat, INDIA) based non-profit organization that supports the overall development of Society especially poor children, their families and communities in rural and urban areas with special focus on children in difficult circumstances. FACT is established with an aim to provide the support to the less fortunate with a sense of physical and emotional security, installing in them a sense of self belief and pride – all the while keeping their sense of independence intact. “Every child deserves a chance” is what FACT believes in and what it will work towards.”

The central aims and cherished objectives of 'FACT' are listed below....

  • To undertake and carry out charitable, educational and socio-economic programs for the welfare and upliftment of people irrespective of caste, community or creed and also to grant scholarship or donations for the said purposes.
  • Conduct training programme in survey and researh methodology and use of statistical software packages.
  • To responsibly utilize the properties, income as well as the principal of the Trust fund for Social/ Religious/ Charitable purposes namely, eradication of poverty, education, medical relief, inculcation of good values and any other service that is for the good of the society.
  • To establish, promote, maintain, assist, finance and support institutions and undertakings (orphanages, widow homes, schools, old age homes, child care homes, poor houses etc.) that are intended to help poor, old, child, infirm and/or destitute individuals.
  • To help, financially, poor and destitute individuals who are in dire need of such assistance. The implementation of schemes and assistance that will lead to the upliftment of the poor is also in the agenda.
  • To provide or render monetary and/or other help and assistance for the relief of individuals affected by natural or other calamities such as flood, fire, famine, cyclone, earthquake, storm, accidents, pestilence, drought, epidemic, unbearable cost of living and the like. The trust will also give donations, subscriptions or contributions to institutions or persons doing relief work on such occasions as also involve itself on a personal level.
  • To finance public beneficial undertakings such as the establishment and maintenance of wells, tube-wells, tanks, water-reservoirs, planting and keeping of trees and construction of and repairs of roads, bridges etc.
  • To conduct camps to educate people about HIV, AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, Malaria/Diarrhoea/ Filaria / Dengue, contagious diseases, adverse effect of Alcoholism and to stress the importance of Sanitation, Civic sense, Clean and green Surroundings, environment, Global warming.
  • Hold de-addiction camps for alcoholics and drug addicts. To reach out to victims of domestic violence, rape, forced prostitution, child abuse, child labour etc. and provide counselling to develop self confidence and self esteem in them and bring them back to the main stream of the society.
  • To foster and encourage education and training in handicrafts, fine arts among women folk in general and conceive institutions imparting such education. Also, encourage the establishment, activities and promotion of 'centers for women and children' as also involve in social welfare works for the same.
  • To attend to the medical needs of the oppressed sections of our society by setting up medical institutions that will be actively involved with the stated cause as well as divulge in research and education of medical sciences including the discipline of surgery.
  • To promote the cause of education, particularly the study in arts, science including medical science, engineering, computers, dental education, physical training, handicrafts, literature, humanities and other career oriented specialties through the founding and promotion of educational hubs like schools, colleges, Kala- Kendras, Shilpa- Shikshalayas and lecture halls. The trust also provides assistance for the promotion of vocational studies and other self-improvement activities.
  • To enhance the concept of community by establishing institutions that operates for the welfare of the public and provides a meeting point for socially useful activities and functions.
  • To establish, maintain and promote institutions that are centers of spiritual and cultural activities and to do all kinds of work that will propagate the concept.
  • To publish books, pamphlets, periodicals and newspapers in India or abroad for the spread and advancement of education and culture.
  • To train and place human resource in NGO and CSR sector thus uplifting moral and socio-economic status of poor and deprived people.
  • To carryout CSR specific activities for betterment of the weaker and poor section of the society.
  • To create enabling environment for children by generating awareness in the community towards child rights.

Also, the “FACT” believes in extending its support to anyone (institution or an individual) involved in activities that are in accordance with the objective of the Trust and are conducive to the well-being and general welfare of the nation and its people. However, the effort must at all times be a non-profit making undertaking.