Main Objectives

  • Carry out field surveys, using statistical sampling techniques, in diverse areas such as public health including Epidemiology Socioeconomic Population etc.
  • Carry out research in survey methodology.
  • Conduct training programme in survey and researh methodology and use of statistical software packages.
  • Publish technical reports, monographs, relating to the fields of activity of the Organization
  • Exchange information with other institutions and experts engaged in similar activites through seninars, conferences, etc.
  • Maintain computerized data banks.

Major Division

  • The organization's experts on the specific topics/field can undertake project evaluation studies at local and national level.
  • Market survey on specific need can be undertaken in collaboration with client.
  • Workshops/training programs can be conducted on Research Methodology with emphasis on survey methodology, statistics including econometric, demographic and epidemiological methods with the use of specialized computing software of statistical applications.
  • Special services to post graduates and other researchers at concession rates
  • The literature search relevant to the research topics through internet could be provided if suitable key words are provided for the respective research work.
  • In order to incourage the research scholars who are not getting any financial support, fifty percent concession would be provided to them besides free consultation. The same concession would also be given for data input and analysis.